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March 24 2017

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Camera shy parrot

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Shimanami Tasogare

It is an amazing manga with an almost entirely LGBT+ cast and talks a lot about gender identity, sexuality and troubles faced by those within the LGBT+ community (especially for younger members). Also it is fucking BEAUTIFUL.

Kamatani Yuuki’s use of imagery and visual metaphors never fails to take my breath away.

Please just read the damn manga.

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Jemand hat sein Geld aktualisiert ...
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March 23 2017

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floral kitties!

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That’s actually pretty helpful. (via dosh_jonaldson)

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March 22 2017

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Lorenzo Bernini: Memento mori
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This is my uncle in 1984. 

look at those anime legs

Always reblog Goth Anime Legs Uncle.

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Friend of a friend on facebook posted a picture with a caption “Someone in my smithing group got a free crate of high quality steel today in the form of “used casting molds”… I am at a loss for words.”

It’s dicks. A big box of metal dicks. Dildo molds. Just, hundreds of them.

And I can’t share it because I have family on facebook. And I’m not sure if I should repost it here because … they’re not my metal dicks. 

But you should all know that there exists a big box of metal dicks that are probably going to be melted down into, I would hope, one giant metal dick. 

(No, probably not. But I can dream, can’t I?)

I may regret this, but …

that’s a lot of dicks.

Fine dwarven crafts, direct from Orzimmar!


When you’re having a bad day and there’s that point where you just kinda

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Moonlight, 1894, Alfred Stevens

March 21 2017

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